chimp pump vs. day hatch conversion

Seems like I read a thread on this topic some time ago, but cannot find it.

Up for your consideration is a FG VCP Pintail OC w/ chimp pump behind cockpit. Should I consider converting the existing chimp pump to a day hatch? Wouldn’t that require an additional bulkhead? Do I even need a chimp pump in a boat w/ an ocean cockpit?

Intended use of the boat is very rough/unexpected conditions…I already have boats for tamer more predictable conditions…

Personally I think those pumps are worthless. If it’s rough enough that you might need it you can’t take your hands off the paddle long enough to use it. Even if you have a perfect roll that never fails you can still get enough water thru the skirt to need a pump of some sort.

I’ve converted these to a day hatch, just a second opening to the rear hatch, though I use a Beckson screw in hatch and it’s accessory nylon bag that drops into the hatch so small items can be easily retrieved.

Bill H.

I’d go electric
… but I haven’t got around to installing an electric pump yet. The Aussies have some good designs.

Remove it and use a foot pump.

According to what I’ve read…

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...from VCP, the Chimp pump was not actually intended to be used by the paddler, but rather by a rescuer, which makes more sense, but also makes it worthless under a lot of circumstances.

On my own Pintail (purchased used), I removed the pump and installed a day hatch and bulkhead. I use it every time I paddle, which is more than I could have said for the pump.

I've thought about converting the Chimp pump for foot use and installing it on the bulkhead, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. For now, I do just fine with a regular hand pump.

How’d you train a chimp to do that?

training chimps:
while seated in your cockpit show the chimp your nuts. The chimp will know what to do :slight_smile:

I had always wondered about those pumps, never gave it a thougth that it was to be used by a second boat, that makes sense (sorta). Also pretty much useless if you paddle alone :slight_smile:

Bill H.