Chincoteague kayaking

My husband and I are planning to kayak the sound between Chincoteague and the barrier islands this summer. Has anyone paddled this area before? We plan to stay at the Refuge Inn, but any information about where to paddle would be appreciated.

Twice, and that’s all I know
I’ve paddled out of Chincoteague twice, both times en route to camp at Assateague. Therein is the sum of my knowledge regarding paddling in this area.

If you are going in the summer be prepared for biting insects.

Happy paddling,


Chincoteague Bay

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Been paddling there once, last October from Assateague NP Ferry Landing to Little Oyster Bay, 26 miles in one day -- our intent was to camp at Green Run but it was uninhabitably buggy, and with the wind at our backs we just kept going till we reached town. Fascinating and eerie place to explore, it's like a lost world... get a good map and study the area on Google Earth, all the marshes and flats look the same from water level with few signs or landmarks to go by, so it's easy to get disoriented. We didn't venture into Popes Bay because we weren't familiar with it and were afraid of getting stuck somewhere; some areas that may look passable in imagery turn out to be only ankle deep.

Would like to go back someday and explore all the bays and guts between Chincoteague & Wallops and Toms Cove.