chine-CD scirocco vs squamish

The CD brochure indicates the scirocco has a medium chine while the squamish has a soft chine (both shallow v hulls). If I look at the bottom of each boat there is a definate (what I’ll call) keel line the length of the squamish while there is no such line running the lgth of the hull on the scirocco. That implies to me the squamish is not a “soft chine” boat. Am I looking at this correctly or is my perception of “chine” incorrect?

Can anyone clarify this for me?


Chine defined…
The chine is the point at which the hull (bottom) curves up to form the side of the kayak.

A hard chined boat will have a sharp & distinct transition from hull to side. A soft chined boat will curve gradually.

The Scirocco is somewhere in between…but tends more toward the soft side.

BTW, the Squamish is a very low volume kayak and the Scirocco has quite a bit of volume. If you fit a regular Squamish nicely, you’ll probably be on the small side for Scirocco…