I have been to Chingoteage many times but have not kayaked there. I am going in the spring with my kayak, are the bugs as bad kayaking as they are on the island? I know they were biting right through my fellows shirt AFTER I had soaked him with bug spray.

It’s certainly better out on the water, but whenever you approach shore it can be bad. As a frequent Eastern Shore paddler I’ve tried about every bug repellant available, including some of my own concoctions, but have never found anything that can handle the biting greenhead flies.


Original Bug Shirt

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I have not used any bug dope at all since I bought one of this shirts for a trip in the arctic. Worth a look. They are frequent advertisers on this site. I am very happy with this product. It has held up well to daily wear on a number of lengthy trips.

+1 on the BugShirt
I use the cotton model soaked in permethrin. Not perfect, but pretty darn good.


We were there in late summer, a bit
inland, paddling a national wildlife area. We were not bothered by bugs at all.

The problem may be associated with the beach environment, or with the season, or both.

wind direction …
… a land breeze brings them out on shore and off shore , a sea breeze blows them back inland .

I’ve seen days when you breathed flying bugs cause the wind had been a land breeze for a day before . other times not a bug found cause wind was a sea breeze .