chinook aquaterra specs???

Someone is selling a chinook aquaterra sea kayak on craigslist but they don’t provide enough info. It has the one hatch with rudder and that’s about all the info. they give…It looks like it’s about 16’ but not sure?..Can someone help me???I would be very interested if the cockpit width was somewhere around 21.5"???

from what i recall…
having sold them when they were still around years ago…:wink:

-16’ LOA

-24" beam

-around 64 pounds

-one rear dry hatch and an inspection port along the port fore panel

-don’t recall the cockpit opening, but it used the standard AT sprayskirt, so probably comparable to a Seals 1.7 size skirt now

The Chinook went out of production in 97 or 98, so check the condition of the boat re: how it’s been stored. If kept outdoors, the plastic could be getting toward the brittle stage.

The Chinook is excellent on flat water, but can be a little bit of a rough ride on chop, as it has a long, flattish rocker line. Not sure what the seller’s asking, but in good condition, I’d put a Chinook at about $300 fair market value tops.

given that it could be 20yrs old I’d be mighty wary of the condition

That boat is out of production. Call Perception and they can give you the specs. I had one of those boats years ago and liked it. Vaughn Fulton

surf class
UC Berkeley was starting a sea kayak surf class in '92 and I got to be in their first classes using Chinooks.

Talk about hysterical learning. We got pretty good at rescues. This was right outside the outlet in Bolinas.