Chinook Chemun Portage Pack

Has anyone used a Chinook Chemun Canoe Portage pack, 110 liter? It has an attractive low price but I worry about quality etc. Sold at Thanks.

Looks like the Woods "Mason"
From the looks of it, it seems to be about the same as the Woods Canada “Mason” pack. Probably a decent enough pack for the price.

Scout Tech
Last year I bought a canoe pack and again the price seemed pretty low but the quality stood up. I used the pack every weekend and some longer trips where the weather was crappy. I am very happy with the pack and have confidence that it will do just as good this year.

Portage Pack
I sent for and just received the pack. Quality looks fine. It’s big and roomy, so big that it could be filled with so much stuff that it would be too much to carry. The water is still stiff around here so it will have to wait awile to try out. Thanks to all who responded to my previous note.