Chip in Gelcoat

Hi Folks, I’m asking for a friend whose boat was accidentally dropped onto the pavement the other day and a chip about the size of the end of our thumb came off of the Gelcoat. She was devastated and always tried hard not to even scratch it. She’s wondering if a Gelcoat repair kit would do the job relyably or should she go to a marina to have it done? It’s an impex, not sure what model and it’s down to the glass, but it didn’t leak on the trip we took with it anyway. I think a kit is sufficient, but would appreciate any input we can get. She wants to use it this weekend, even if not repaired yet. How long does it take that stuff to cure fully?

Evercoat kit
I dropped one end of my new, teal colored, Merrimack canoe and chipped off a three inch by 1/4 inch piece of gelcoat. It made me almost physically sick, but I found an Evercoat gelcoat repair kit at the local marine store. It was easy to use, and if you are not color blind, it is quite possible to get a good color match. As I recall, it cures enough to use after about a day. I think I paid just over $20 for the kit.

Since then, I have made gelcoat repairs on my other canoes. Now I am glad I damaged the first canoe–it was a “growth” experience. I learned that I am capable of repairing gel coat, so I no longer worry unduly about damaging my canoes. And paddling is all about escaping our worries.

Well said, very well said indeed…


Let’s just say I’ve seen this kind
of damage before. You might need to remove any loose gelcoat rather than just put on a patch. Often times the gelcoat around what has come off is loose, chalky, and useless. Might as well do it right the first time.

Perhaps someone better than me at gel coat work (and believe me if you have seen my boats you’ll know it is not hard to be) will chime in about ways and means. I probe with a dull knife and used a dremel tool very carefully.

It it’s a white hull, try this stuff!!

I’ve used this for years to patch chips and thin worn keel lines. Easy to mix and apply, not as finicky as gel coat. And in my experience, the patches hold up better than gel coat patches. I’ve even added gel coat coloring agents for better matches.


Thanks Everybody
I’ll see that she reads all these notes and responses and then she can decide. Feel free to add more if you know of any more that might help us.


thanks all!
I am the heartbroken owner of the Impex Mystic. Thanks dancingmouse for doing this for me. To be honest, I am so highly untechnical that many of these directions were too difficult for me to handle on my own. I will need to get help definitely! I guess the first stop would be to go to a marine store and get an estimate. If not alot of money, I think I would trust them to do it! Too many decisions for this novice here! Thanks for your replies.

just the beginning
my express was very nice for two years,then I started paddling a lot,haven’t patched anything and it’s got scratches into the glass everywhere,it’s been 12yrs now,maybe I’ll get it patched up in a few years.

Photos and instructions here

It’s easy to do.

Thanks, Brian! I’ll use that to put it all together!


Hi Dixie, This is your good ole friend susie! The website is awesome with all of those directions! If I can find this marina to do it for $45, then I think I’ll go this route. If it will be more than his estimate, I’ll take you up on your offer, once we get the “right stuff.” Susie

before you
contract to the repair , make sure you fully understand what the finished product will look like , what they say will happen and what you think you will get , I do all my own repairs on my boats as well as the outfitters I’ve worked for (staisfactorily). Yet I have met many folks that are not satisfied w/the finished repairs from marine guys . Alot like a contractor painting your house or doin a home repair or body work on the car . "You didn’t paint the windows , the walls aren’t flat , the colour isn’t what I expected .Hope it works out for ya .


gel coat question…
Hey if it’s that small and she wants it professionaly done take it to an auto-body shop that specialises in Corvette and other fiberglass repair…they would prob. have the right chems. and resins. and color match.