Choices....I'm trying to choose between

a used Dagger Blackwater 11.5 and a used Dagger Crossover as an extra/loaner/spare boat for family and friends. I’ve found both boats priced exactly the same.

We paddle mostly lake and slow rivers. A little class II might be in the boats future.

Any opinions?

I suggest choosing the boat with the
more open, or less confining, cockpit. I think you can get sprayskirts for either boat. The Blackwater will handle up to most class 2, and I suspect it has a more open, more reassuring cockpit.

black water
I had a 11.5’ dagger blackwater. Its a great rec boat. It tracks nicely and its a good boat to have as an extra for newbies. I only sold it so I could get a good sea kayak. I would get the Blackwater. It does have a nice big cockpit.