Choices to fish from

I have an Impex Mystic and my husband has a Current Design Pacheena. Do you recommend either of these boats for fishing? One over the other? We are both newbies to kayaking (have taken a few courses) and are heading to Baja. I love fishing and am the fisher person not my husband, I am only after the small ones - bass, trigger fish… What do you think? Should I just fish from shore? I have purchased the gear to fish from a kayak, its just which boat to mount it on or if either really are suitable.

no familiarity with either boat
I’m more of a cheap plastic boat that’ll take abuse kind of guy. My recommendation is to contact a guy who posts on called Jim Sammons. He was at the forefront of the revolution of kayak fishing taking place, and he fishes Baja via his guiding base in La Jolla. He’s also fairly free with information.

My advice would be to try fishing from your kayak. You’ve got the 'yak. You’ve got the stuff. Give it a whirl.

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Any boat
You can fish from almost any kayak but the narrow boats require some caution. Do not go over a 45* angle from the bow. Bring the line in tight to the side if you snag and stay with light line. The Inuit hunted and fished from skinny kayaks. You can go to heavier stuff once you get more experienced.

The mystic is pretty narrow so if you are going to fish from it you better have good balance. The CD boat is wider and probably a better fishing kayak. If your skills are up to it then any kayak can become a fishing platform.

Another suggestion…
You might also consider starting off with light tackle and target small species. You can up the ante after you gain a little bit of experience.