Choosing a board- volume/capacity questi

So, I weigh about 190 lbs and am looking for a board that will be used on flat water 75% of the time, and playing in 1-2’ waves the rest of the time. I am trying to choose between the Naish Nalu 11’4, which has 180L volume, and the 11’6, whch is thicker, with 231L volume.

I need a better understanding of which board might suit my needs better, and a better understanding of “why?”.

I appreciate your input!

Have to judge for yourself
The shorter board is not as wide and has rocker that is going to work a bit better on steeper waves. The longer board has a huge amount of volume and is going to be slower to paddle but more forgiving in choppy water at first. As you get more experience you might be interested in a narrower board for going fast or less volume for surfing. If you paddle where there is a lot of wind, chop and marginal surf you might want to try both in waves and see what works.

When you buy a board don’t be too narrow in your expectations. SUPs re expensive and you want a board you will get your money’s worth of use from as you progress. It may pay to by a used board at first that isn’t perfect to help you get started then look for a board that fits what you want to do.

11 4

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Get the 11'4". That board was built for doing what you describe for a paddler your size. The 11'6" at 5 1/2 thick and 231 Liters is huge. It will feel like a cork at first and once you get used to it and develop some balance/skills it will feel like a barge. It is also significantly heavier. Finally, you don't lose any stability by going smaller because the 11'4" is actually wider AND will sit a bit lower in the water (due to the lower volume), both of those traits add to stability. You want the 11 4
Seadart, the shorter board is wider