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I live and fish on a lake in Minnesota. Currently I do all my fishing from a motorless rowboat, traveling a couple of miles or so on a typical outing. Most of the time I cast the shore line and inlets. I am reasonably handy in a canoe, but I am completely new to kayaking. I would appreciate suggestions, general or specific, on types and models of kayaks under $1000. Thanks ojgump

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The Dirigo 140 angler model by Old Town is an excellent choice. I love mine. Very stable, rod holder included, very roomy cockpit. LL Bean sells the for $765.00 or $799.00 as a package with a paddle, anchor and cockpit cover. I believe they ship for $50.00.

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They're partial to sit-on-tops as dedicated fishing platforms. I personally have a 14' rec boat (Liquid Logic Stingray) that I fish from, and it works fine for me. LL also makes a sit-on-top version, the Manta Ray, that a lot of people really like for fishing. Check out the videos at this site:

Rather than pay the extra price for the
angler model Dirigo from Old Town, get a Loon and put things where you want them, also the type of things you want. Pungos and Pamlico’s are good fishing craft and, if you just want something for small waters, Heritage makes a 9.4 ft sit inside that’s a great little pocket fisherman. Post this on the fishing forum here at and you’ll come up with a bunch of kayaks that work.

I have heard
that a lot of people who fish for kayaks use Hurricane Auqa Sports Phoenix.

Also check this site for info

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My brother in law just got back from the outdoor show in Salt Lake and paddled a new boat coming out from Native later this fall that he said was the best fishing boat he ever saw. Had cool ways of attaching outriggers/rod holders/skirts and according to him had the coolest seat he’d ever seen. The picture he showed us had a guy standing up fly fishing and the model is called Ultimate. Not sure but Native thought the selling price would be about $800. Look for them later this year at Heritage kayak dealers. We called our local dealer and he just got his info from Native and said the boats looked well thought out and he plans to order them for delivery in October. Might be worth waiting for but on the other hand…there are killer year end deals right now on many fishing kayaks.