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This is my first post and I am relatively new to kayaks but my friends say ‘I’m a natural’.I have used their toys (nice toys) from a training k1 to a valley rapier and a kirton inuk and more. Have also used one of their wing paddles but only for an afternoon so don’t have the technique down yet.

I now want my own kayak but do not have the budget for the high end stuff so roto/plastic it is. I am 5’6’ 165lbs, waist 31, inseam 30. I have been considering the following but have not had a chance to demo any as I cannot find a local dealer. Any thoughts or suggestions. I want this for fitness mostly. I still have a lot of learning to do but I have been in rough water in the Long Island Sound and around the wakes of big boats. Will not be using it for camping. May pack some food and water.

Here are the kayaks suggested in no order:

Neckay chatham 17

Prijon Barracuda

Prijon Motion


Nordkapp LV in RM?
Don’t know how available this is, just an idea.

Used Surfski
If you have already paddled the mentioned boats and used a wing paddle, go for a used old school surfski. You can find them between $ 600/800.


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WS Tempest 165 would fit you nicely, and it's reasonably fast for a poly touring boat. But a used surf ski would be a *lot* faster.

I’m About Your Size
I really like the Tempest 165. Give it a try.

I’m 5’9" and 150 lbs. - similar waist

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and inseam and I'm enjoying my new plastic LV Valley Aquanaut; except for the backband and the thigh pads which I took out.

You may want to contact Cooldoctor about the Barracuda.

Good luck with whatever you select.

got a boat
I lucked out…at least I am pretty darn close. I am about to take ownership of a like new kirton inuk. Got a lead through a friend and if all goes well tomorrow and I find a storage space nearby I will be in the hudson shortly. Thanks for your help and suggestions.


And finally, the head to head test of Kodiak (the second fastest Prijon) versus the Barracuda:

'cuda will have to wait…
I handed off my benjamins today and now the owner of a used but great condition kirton inuk. Now to square away storage on the hudson, get the thing from long island into the city, figure out the tides and I’m set.

I will post another inquiry about ‘universal’ car top carriers.

Thanks for all the suggestions and advice.

Congrats! Post some pictures when you
get the chance. I’m not familiar with that brand.

That Inuk does look like a very nice

I see that the weights range from 15 kg to 25 kg, which weight is yours?

Looks like it rolls OK too

Fast boat. Should be great fun in the Hudson on the rollers. Curious if this is the one that Danny B. had available?

I believe it is…

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here is the flickr

Seems like the link is not completing so you may have to cut and past the above address. Sorry.

Got a little workout in it with Danny today and a little work on my technique. Not used to a boat like this and sure glad I took the mini lesson. Great teacher. What a difference between the rentals and borrowed boat I had been using.

Is this the same boat?

Must Be
if it’s the carbon one. They are not all that common. Great boat-enjoy! Enjoy visits with him immensely, and he has the know how for sure. Have a superb time in that Inuk.


it is the carbon…
Did not know they were hard to come by but took the advice of a friend to spend a little more and I would appreciate it in the long run. Plan on bringing it into the city this week sometime.

Danny is a great person and equivalent instructor. Just incredible generous with his time and knowledge.

Thnaks for the good wishes.

I plan on insuring the boat, getting a pump and paddle float and on my way be it in or out of the boat but mostly in I hope.

NYC Storage
If your on the upper west side and don’t mind dealing with the dirt and crap that will be falling on the boat (get a tarp and cockpit cover), the 79th St Boat Basin is cheap ($350 for the year) and an easy launch into the hudson (you’ll need wheels to get the boat from the garage to the boat launch).

who is Danny B.?
Who is this Danny B. who gives good instruction? People in my club are interested in learning how to keep fast boats upright…

– Mark

Danny Broadhurst is a former racer and coach on LI who also reps Kirton boats (amongst a few others), and his own paddles. He’s available to do one on one coaching sessions and fast boat clinics. He knows his stuff. You can reach him at:

who is danny…
just a dam good guy. Got introuduced to him through a friend. He teaches/trains/coaches out of the eastern end of Long Island but holds clinics around the country. Also manufactures his own line of paddles and gear and is one of the importers of the kayak I got (at least I think).