Choosing a kayak

A few buddies and I are going on a kayaking trip this summer. I am looking to buy a kayak but I don’t know what to look for. We are planning on being on a river with light Rapids for around 5 days. We will pack some food but we will fish for most of our food. I need a kayak good for fishing and mild Rapids with enough space to safely pack everything needed for a 5 day stay on the water. We are camping on the bank at nights and traveling/fishing during the day. I need some help choosing the right kayak for this trip. I have a budget of $600 or under. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Try the “Advice” forum.

I can kind of understand
why you posted in this section since the advice you need concerns a boat for tripping but ezwater is correct that you’ll get a lot more help in the advice section. I’d suggest posting there and providing some more info such as: your experience/skill level, what exactly you mean by “light rapids”, the name of the river, kind of gear you plan to carry, etc. All these factors are very important when considering your kayak.