choosing a paddle

I just have a quick question:

What type of paddle would be ideal for using for launches off of beaches with large waves and surf, in addition to being durable and highly economical?

I’ve read about the variability of paddle materials and forms, but the information has always been just vague enough for me to not reach a conclusion.

Thank you.

good tough canoe/kayak paddles, reasonably priced.

Werner Tybee
Not sure it hits your price point, but same blade as the Cypress but much tougher construction.

Both are good
Aquabound and the Tybee and somewhat similar in construction with carbon shafts and nylon blades.


Then there is the thought of …
… actually having two different paddles with you but neither is “emergency use only”. The idea is to switch paddles depending on conditions. This way at least there is some additional justification for hauling a second paddle other than the odd case when your primary paddle fails.

I have used the Werner Tybee (for WW) and now use the Desperado, which is kind of similar. I did not think the Tybee is that similar to the Cypress but I have not checked carefully (does not matter for this discussion). The plastic blades on the carbon shaft Tybee or Desperado make for a surprisingly lightweight AND low cost AND resilient paddle that actually is not too bad to use over some distance if you like high angle paddling. Most plastic paddles they are not very responsive and these two are no exception - the plastic bends noticeably under effort, especially on the Tybee, but that is not too big of a deal considering the other aspects of the paddle.

If going through the surf is just to get you thru it and back rather than play in it, I would think you would not wat a huge blade just for that little time you would spent in the surf - rather get something you could use on other occasions too.

I wanted a surf paddle
and I didn’t want to spend too much money. I have begun to use a GP but wanted a backup, a surf paddle, a paddle that was tough, a paddle that I could play with variable feathers from 0 to 90 degrees, and I was unclear about the length that I would ultimately prefer.

I bought an AT straight shaft 215-230 CM paddle for $80, and it met all my requirements.

I already had a couple Carlisle paddles in 220 and 230 length, but have come to dislike how their blade shape felt in the water. I much prefer the AT blade shape.

There are other brands that provide adjustable lengths, and other brands that provide for large range of feather angle, but I didn’t see any others that I liked as well. Some seemed to either be weak in the joint at the extended lengths, or they didn’t seem to hold their settings very well.

Especially Economical
I just got some photos of a friend launching and landing in the surf with a GP. Works well for him. Might have to sand dings out of it now and again; but for the price…

People have mentioned the aquabound brand - in particular check out the mantaray. Good shape for what you want to do.

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts!