choosing a sit on top

I would like any advice on choosing a sot.

I will be using it mainly for recreation, will take my dog(weimaraner app-28kg)and myself(120kg).

Any help greatfully received.



demo demo demo
if ya can . sorry thats the extent of my advise for sot’s

I have a Necky Cruiser 2
(I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing that) tandem and it’s kind of slow and heavy BUT it is stable, stable, stable. I’ve had two teenagers do backflips off of the deck while I was paddling and it didn’t go anywhere. I’ve never felt like I was going to dump no matter what conditions I’ve been in thus far. I’m sure there are other SOTs that are faster and lighter but I’m happy with mine for touring. We have taken it on rivers, lakes and the ocean with no problem.


the Wilderness Systems Tarpons 12’ 14’ &16’ they paddle easy for a sit on top,and track very well.


Try this site
Try It’s a site run by SOT fishmermen who review various brands of SOT. They can answer any questions you might have. FishHawk

Perception Bimini
Try to demo one of these boats also.

If you plan to take a big dog along often you’ll need a tandem. Most solo SOT’s don’t have the room to cart a big dog along with you, unless you like paddling around with an open hatch. I wouldn’t recommend that!!

There aren’t that many tandems out there in the SOT world. Ocean Kayak makes 3 models the Malibu 2, Malibu 2 XL and the Cabo. Wilderness Systems makes a Tarpon 130. Cobra has some nice tandems. Heres’ some links.

Here is another good link…

Probably a Tandem For The Dog
You might need a tandem, or double kayak, for the dog.

It is hard to recommend brands because I do not know the brands available in UK.

Check at sit on top kayaking. Ask for Tom.