Choosing between 2 inflatable kayaks ??


I want to buy an inflatable kayak and be able to ride occasionally with either my children or wife. I expect to ride solo most of the time, so the kayak must be responsible and easy to handle alone (I’m a slender 6 footer). I’m presently focusing on the following IKs:

  1. Advanced Elements Advancedframe Convertible
  2. Innova Sunny.

    How effective is AE’s spray skirt system ? Is AE’s slender bow an advantage over that of Innova’s Sunny ? Which is better adapted to solo use ?

    I’d appreciate any insight to help me with my choice. It doesn’t seem likely that I’ll be able to test drive either.


Go for the Sunny.
A.E. is not bad. However, they are not as sturdy and well made as Innovas.

Also, A.E. uses a bladder iside an outer skin. This system works well, but water gets between the bladder and skin and makes maintenance harder.

Innova uses one very tough ply. Easy to clean and dry out. And Innova’s valves are very sturdy.

The Sunny will work well solo.
I have a double Solar which is similar in size to the Sunny. I’ve converted it to a solo only boat and it handles great.

If you paddle the Sunny solo from the rear seat, you may have to put some weight in the bow to get all of the hull in the water.

Thanks for the advice!

Solar II vs Sunny ?
Hey Sharkbite, why did you get the Solar II instead of the the Sunny ? Did you buy it from the theboatpeople ?

Yes, I went to his store,
and was able to see them both side by side.

The Solar ll (405) is a little longer than the Sunny, and has better seats. Apparently the straps on the Sunny seat are annoying – get in the way.

Other than that, I think the two boats are pretty similar.