Choosing canoe paddle length for kids

I am hoping someone can help me with guidance on how to select the right paddle length for kids. In this case, 4’6" tall paddling on flatwater in the bow of a 17’6" Clipper Tripper canoe. I would like to try to get it correct because it will be a 6-day trip. Unfortunately I do not have advance access to this canoe to test the paddle length (canoe will be a rental at launch location).


Had To Check the Measurments
On the wall to find out the age (9) my kid was at 4’6" tall and the paddles: 42" long/7" wide Gillespie Keiki paddle and a Cann 45" long/7" wide childs paddle. Both paddles were bent shafts and worked fine in conventional double canoes and outriggers.