Choosing First Kayak

I am new to kayaking and looking to buy my first boat. I am considering a liquid logic remix 79. I am looking for a good river runner that can handle rapids and goes well on flat sections of river as well. Does anyone know if the remix 79 will be a good kayak for that purpose?



Take a novice class first

– Last Updated: Apr-22-12 1:14 PM EST –

Spend a few bucks at a local indoor pool class
-before- buying your first kayak; for your own
knowledge/understanding; of what is a good yak for you.

A kayak is just like a bicycle purchase.
It needs to fit you, and you alone, you are the paddler.
What fits someone else doesn't matter beans.

That way you won't immediately believe the hype
from salesmen, and can ask pertinent questions
that relate to your specific needs.

What class of rapids?

The Remix 79 will handle any class
of rapids, and is one of the outstanding river runners on the market.

However, when you say you also want some speed on the flats, while the Remix is certainly better that any 7 foot playboat, NO whitewater kayak (except downriver racing boats) is truly “fast” on the flats.

But if you’re running rivers with other whitewater kayakers, once you have your paddling skills down, you’ll be able to keep up with them.