chota boots in a ww boat?

(kayak) I’ve paddled with them before but have never swam out of my ww boat with them. just wondering if I should use my ankle highs

You must have small feet
I can’t even get in my WW boats with Chota’s on.

In my sea kayak wearing Chota’s make it harder for me to get out. The tops tend to drag on the underside of the deck and fold back a bit when they get to the edge of the cockpit opening and thigh braces. It should be noted that my outfitting is quite tight - more like a WW boat than most stock sea kayak outfitting.

I’ve never done a wet-exit while wearing them, but I’m not concerned that they would prevent one.

If I’m not mistaken
you’re not talking about Mukluks, but ankle-highs. I have both from Chota. I wouldn’t expect that the mukluks would be good choices in Too bulky, and if you have to come out of the boat they will fill with a lot of water. I therefore have a pair of ankle-high Chota booties (actually over the ankle) that I use in the WW kayak. Yeah, they fill with water too if you swim, but not as much and they’re a little more form-fitting and will stay on. I like them a lot better than the NRS booties I used to have.


Easy ww rule of thumb:
Keep it low profile.

Keep it low profile but not so low they get sucked off when you end up body surfing a hole. I couldn’t imagine wanting to wear mukluks in the unfortunate event of swimming a rapid. Harder to rescue.


Little feet and/or old school ww boat?
I can’t even get my feet comfortably in or out of either of my ww boats with Kickers, let alone Mukluks.

I think in ww you are likely best off with foot wear that is snug and not bulky.

Thanks fer the feedback…
it is an old school big boy boat w/room and the the boots ala mukaluk w/the cinch strap on top that fit full. but better safe and wet than warm and sorry, the booties it is. one one of my buds got a new school cruel shoe and he wears neo socks and still has to stop every mile to un fold his feet PB

body surfing a hole
now THAT’S funny!!