Chota Breathable Mukluks

Has anyone worn the Chota Breathable Mukluks while canoeing? All I’ve got for paddling shoes are for warm weather and I’m considering purchasing some for colder times. Any wisdom?



Mukluk Light (MK150)
I use these, basicly a knee high bootie, in a lightweight neoprene…they come sized one larger so if you buy a 9, it a 10 size…I then can wear my thorlo wool socks inside on colder days…they are GREAT!

P.S. $56.00 is a good price…

Adding neoprene socks to your paddling shoes is an option. You can even line those sock thermax liners. Wouldn’t buy the Chotas unless you plan on wearing a dry suit. Water will run down any wet suit into the boots.

stepping in and out
just looking for a way to keep my feet dry stepping in and out of the canoe in october, april, and may in the northern half of the U.S. No wet suit, no dry suit. Polypro, fleece, smartwool already happening. I’m looking for a way to keep my feet dry and comfortable. These looked like a good option. My calves are too large for the regular mukluks with the neoprene tops.


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My Calves before clothing are nineteen inches, and I can wear the chota's over nylon zipoff pants and an under layer of silkweight capilene with no problem...the chota's are formed large with 3/4 nylon pull straps at the tops to close them off....

If it sounds like I'm sold on these, I am...very few products I will advertise for, Chota's I believe in....I use 'em, I recommend 'em.....and NO, I have no involvement with the company...If I was investing at the moment, I'd buy stock....

what model and size supertroll
hey supertroll… what model chota and what size?

my calves are 20" and my size is either a men’s 9 or 10. you’re selling me.

Mukluk Lights
I bought a pair of these to replace my old green rubber Wellies. I like them because they keep my feet dry getting in and out of the boat and I can point my toes when I kneel. I’m not crazy about kneeling on the strap at the top. Wonder if they will stay up after I cut that off?

My feet and calve do sweat so breathable sounds nice in theory at least.


Chota Mukluk Lights (MK150)
I ordered the 150-10BK (Size 10 Black) I’m a size 10 1/2 D, and they fit fine…With room for a thick pair of Socks if I need them…

as for the strap, and staying up if you cut it off…mine have the strap and the buckle on the outside of the knee, not the front, the strap runs through the top edge like a drawstring on a stuff sack…

Cut the strap and the fit is loose…the point of the strap is to retard taking on water if you step in over the boot top. Mine stand up fine…as for the legs sweating, on hot days I just pull the tops down (fold them over) when I’m in the boat, then pull them back up when I go to get out.

This I can promise you…the first time you step into cold water with them on, you get every penny of the cost back…put clearly; they work.

just might fit. i hear you on warm, dry feet. i’m a fly fisher and spend a lot of time in the autumn standing in really cold streams with the air cold enough to ice up the guides on the fly rod. If my feet weren’t toasty, I’d give it up in a heartbeat.

thanks again.

Chota Marsh Boots
Diane, if your calves are too big for the regular Chotas, look at the Chota Marsh boots. They are larger at the top, and you will still be able to cinch them snugly at the top. The Marsh boot seems to run wide, but I didn’t find the sizes consistent between the different models when I was trying to decide which style was “just right.”


Chota Marsh Boots & Quetico…
…Trekker are what I have. Haven’t tried the breathable ones. Had the marsh boots since 2000 or 2001 and love 'em. Cinched up, I’ve stepped in water over the boots and went for unexpected swims and just got a bit damp; they never filled with water. I tuck my heavy duty rain pants into them, cinch them up, and it’s like having waist-high waders on. Downside is they get warm, so I only use them in fall, winter, and spring. I’ve had some problems with the rubber arround the sole coming off and need to fix it with a bit of shoe goo, but they’re still water tight. So far, no rash problems like I have with most products that have neoprene. Just bought the Quetico Trekkers early July. I WISH I HAD BOUGHT TWO PAIRS! Piragis had them on sale for about $79 bucks, but these are a bargain at ANY price. They are THE MOST COMFORTABLE BOOTS, or ANY footwear I’ve ever had on my feet! I’d like another pair for non-paddling. They dry pretty quickly too. Went paddling and took them off late afternoon, early evening the first time. They were dry enough to be comfortable to wear hiking early the next afternoon. These are excellent boots. I don’t think you could go wrong with Chota’s. WW

Socks Again
I have a pair of Chotas and really big calves to boot. I only wear them with a dry suit because I often step in water than buries them. Unless you are only stepping in and out of fairly shallow water you’re better of with neoprene. I carry dry socks and shoes with me in cold weather. In fact it’s a good practice to always carry dry socks whether paddling or hiking no matter the weather.