Chota Light sizing advice

To all you Chota Mukluk Light owners…I need your help to choose the correct size. I wear a woman’s size 7.5 to an 8 in shoes. Any advice would be appreciated since I will have to order them online and pay to return them if they don’t fit. There are no dealers close to my home where I can try a pair. My thanks to you all in advance!

What I Did
I ordered a half a size to big. Someone recommended this to me and also I figured with a set of wool socks that would work. I am happy I did, they fit fine, even with thinner socks. Hope this helps.


Ditto dougd
I went 1 full size up (but then I wear really thick Thorlo Wool socks with polypro liners…)


Research MEC Swellies…

just bought a pair
I cant tell you how the chota lites will feel in a kayak as i just bought them today, but i wear a size 8 1/2 running shoe (sometimes 8) and i bought a Ladies size 9 which is also listed as a mens size 8. They have a little room with a thick sock which is good, i think. The ladies size 7 was very snug - too snug. Pretty hard to buy footwear without trying them on though. I put arch supports in mine as they are very flat. Hope this helps a bit.

I wear a solid 9
in everything, hiking boots, etc.

Should I still buy up for these? Do they run small?


From Chota’s website…
Sized extra roomy for use with thick socks, yet the flexible, low-profile design is perfect for confined kayak cockpits.

You helped a lot. I ordered the 7 and have my fingers crossed. I’ll let you know how they fit.