Chota lites(boots)

I bought a pair over a year ago and they are great for our mild winters. A friend is interested in getting a pair but I can’t find them on the web. Do they still make them?

I think they do, but
why don’t you have him try the NRS Boundary shoe. I have a pair of the Chota Lites and I like them but I think the Boundary shoe is better. It has a thicker, stiffer bottom with more of an arch and an ankle strap, all of which make walking a lot more comfortable. They cost a bit more, but if you’re going to be doing any amount of walking in them, they’re probably worth it.—Rich

String, here’s a link. Scroll down, I think they’re called “River Runner Booties.” I have the River Runner low tops for warm weather (I split time between them and some Tevas) and some Marsh boots (the Nunavat) for cold weather. BTW, dealt with Piragis a bunch, good people, and the owners are paddlers themselves. WW


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I bought a pair about a month ago in Reading Ma.

Recently Bought Mine
Got 'em direct from Chota. I really like 'em.

Consider Quicklace Chota model
You might consider the Quicklace model over the light. It may

still fit in your kayak if that is an issue and it has more support

in the arch and stays on better I find.

Thanks for the info.

Chota Lights
I have a pair of 11’s that actually fit like 12’s. They have a rep for being large. I solved the fit problem with a thick pair of innersoles, which also make walking over rough ground easier. If you plan on much walking, consider the NRS boots.


I like the Quicklaces too
Done up properly, they admit almost no water if you take an unplanned swim, and therefore don’t have to be shucked.

a warning: Be careful if you leave the top hooks unlaced, the inner ones on each boot have a nasty habit of hooking each other while you’re walking…

Get them through Chota
and I think ya save 10% as they are a savings sponsor…

Quicklace three… thumbs up