Chota Mukluk Light

Can anyone comment on this boot? I’m looking for a very low volume, knee high, waterproof boot to wear over winter socks. I previously wore muck boots while canoeing, but I am kneeling now in a different canoe and need a much lower volume boot to slip under the seat. Other suggestions are welcome. Thanks

I like the Mukluk Lights for kneeling.
Much more flexible ankles than the Chota Quicklace.

I like my NRS boundary shoes
Jack L

Maybe go between the two extremes?
Yanoer is right that such a boot will be great for kneeling. However, when you refer to “muck boots”, I’m envisioning a fairly rugged rubber boot with a sturdy sole. It’s quite likely that you’ll find that the Chota Quick-Lace model (or another brand that’s of similar design) will provide sufficient improvement over the muck boots in the ease of getting your feet under the seat. I find the difference between rugged rubber boots and the Quick-Lace boots to be night and day.

If you don’t need to do much walking, the “lite” model will be better. If you regularly get out and walk somewhere, you might prefer the Quick-Lace.

GBG, You are correct about the Muck Boot being very stiff. Good for the farm, and even while sitting and paddling but way too stiff to kneel in for me. I also looked at the Boundary Shoe that Jack mentioned but the word “burley” in their description doesn’t sound like what I’m looking for. So far I’m not walking any great distances over rugged terrain, so I’m leaning toward the least bulky and most flexible dry boot I can find. Right now I just “wet-foot-it” with a pair of slip on sneakers then slip off and change into only thick wool socks to paddle in.

In that case, Mukluk Light should be…
… perfect.

Do you kneel much in those Boundary
shoes? The ankles don’t look very flexible.

Used them for a decade
They have kept my feet dry and warm. Two issues. They tend to creep down my legs and off my heel. After paddling for a couple hours I need to pull them up again to get out of the boat. Second problem is that the soles are very thin. The smallest rock will kill your feet.


no size

boundry boots
For kneeling I like the boundry boots by nrs. flexible but still a nice bit of ankle least to me.muckluck lights are good for kneeling.but the thin souls are a drawback.I use both because i have tendonitis that flares up time to time.the muckluck lights doesn’t aggravate it as much.

works with arch support inserts too
The Chota Mukluk Lights are great for foot flexibility while in a canoe. I use plastic arch support inserts which are sometimes a bit of a challenge to keep in place as I slip the boot on, but with the arch supports I find the Mukluk lights to be fine for walking around a bit (not talking long portages) as well as comfortable for kneeling in a canoe.