Chota Mukluk Sizing???

I am considering buying a pair of Chota Mukluks but will have to order online with no chance to try on.

Can anyone tell me if they are pretty true to size or if I should order larger or smaller than normal?

Are they pretty warm for use in the winter in conjunction with a dry suit?



Order larger
They don’t come in half sizes. I have a 10 1/2 shoe size and have size 11 Chota’s. Have plenty of room for warm thick socks and liner. As soon as mine wear out, I’ll buy another pair. Great boots!


I wear size 13 boots and shoes but size 12 Chotas work fine. They do seem to run large. I’ve had 3 pair. All size 12s. I wear a single pair of wool socks under.

They are warm enough if you do okay in the cold, as most people seem to do. All my life I’ve struggled with keeping my hands and feet warm in winter, and for me, the neoprene Chotas with lace-up ankles the sturdy sole (I can’t recall what that model is called) is “warm enough” when the air temperature is around 30, but my feet will eventually get a little cold. If the air temperature is around 20 my feet will get colder sooner, and at a temperature of 10, my feet will be terribly cold after two or three hours of paddling, but I suspect an average person will find they work a lot better than that. I seldom go paddling at a temperature colder than 10 degrees!

Female here and I wear size 8-8½ shoes
and size 8 Chota Mukluks. For cold winter weather I wear poly socks and neoprene socks. During fall, I wear heavy knit poly socks.

If they’re too snug on my feet, I am just inviting cold feet.

I too will purchase another pair when these wear out. I’ve had these at least 8 years and the heel on one is starting to wear a hole where it sits on the bottom of the boat when my feet are on the foot pegs of my kayak.

Very cold water, I like these

in conjunction with drysuit. They are fleece lined. Nearly to the knee, you can wade pretty deep and keep the inside dry. I have tried the lights in cold water but they will eventually soak thru and become cold.

I’m referring to 34-36F temps, I only see a couple days of paddling in that water temp, before it becomes solid.