Chota Mukluks - true to size?

Here’s one for the Chota aficionados.

Do the Chota Quicklace Mukluks boots run true to size?

Is it a good idea to order up a size due to wearing thick socks in the boots?


Ah’ always went up a size
wit me Chotas. Two sizes up is better fer me when ah’ waarin’ me drysuit wit booties.


1/2 size up for me
Dry suit booties fit fine and wool or smart wool socks underneath.


half size if you’re a half …
… full size if you’re not.

Mukluks are the best single piece of luxury luxury gear going. Stepping into the water with them on is like the feeling you get lifting a lightweight boat. Ahhhhhhh.

I just ordered my size
and seem to have good luck with them. I wear a pair of wool socks underneath and still have room for another pair. If you’re gonna wear drysuit booties in them, go up at least half a size. Otherwise, go with your normal size.


Love my Chotas
A 1/2 size up works well for me.

Wear 10.5 wide normally,
Had to go to size 12 Quicklace before it was wide enough for me, and then I usually don’t hook the laces. The extra toe room isn’t a bother to me at all…unless I’m trying to squeeze into a low decked kayak.