Chota Mukluks

I've read a lot of good things about these. My regular shoe size is 10.5. Do these run large? Should I get a larger size to allow for wool or poly socks?

Anyone know where to pick them up at a good price?

Buy 'em at a paddle shop or…
online from a source that has a money back guarantee. If they don’t fit exchange ‘em. As I recall I got mine from Bean for around $80-85 about 3 years ago (there’s never any exchange problems with Bean). I wear a 12½ to 13 depending on the shoe. The size 13 Chotas work well for me over wool socks.

Love Mine…
they let me step fearlessly into 35F foot-deep muck! warm, dry and happy-



they don’t run large …
get the larger size … if you normally wear a 10.5, i think the chota size 11 would be your choice.

this is not a comment, but a question - how do nrs boundary boots compare to chota ? - the price is about the same, so - - -

got mine on EBAY
paid about $25.00 with shipping. They were hardly used and had not been stained. In fact they looked brand new. I bought a 10 and they are quite roomy. I usually wear a 10 Wide.

Tried on some at a local retailer but couldn’t afford them no more than I would use them. But the Chota’s fit me the best of those I tried. So I waited and then ran across these on EBBAY.

Good luck.

chota or nrs boundry
I have a pair of chotas and I bought my wife the nrs boundry mukluks and both are excellent. I ordered in our normal shoe size and they fit fine with the thick polypro socks.

Piragis Outdoor,4179.html

Just to be sure everyone knows I appreciate their response!

Karmit boots
I got a pair of Chotas myself and they work fine if not exactly like a dream. I wish they had a bit more room for socks.

Did any of you try the Karmit boots by Brooks?

They’re made of 8mm neoprene where the Chota mukluks only use 3mm. Any real life experience with these?


I’ve had the opposite experience
I’ve got size 11 feet and find that size 10 Chota Mukluks fit fine with light wool socks.

NEOS Overshoes

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I checked out Chotas and these Neos Overshoes. I liked the ease of use of the overshoes plus I can take them off very easy in the boat. Way more practical then the Chotas imho. Here is a link:

There are many differant styles to choose from.

uh, you’re right …
i went and checked mine and found them to be a size smaller than i thought. hmmmm, getting old ain’t for sissy’s.

yep 10.5 here
and I wear 10 chotas.


Are we getting old?
I forget. Now, what were we talking about? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

It looks like they would hold a lot of water if you ever went for a swim. Also, why would you want to take them off in the boat? It seems to me that the whole idea of footwear is to find something that’s comfortable enough to wear.

Just Got The Mukluk Lights
I ordered my shoe size and it worked out fine. They did NOT run terribly large like some do.

I think the lights are going to work well.

MEC Swellies
Check out these before you make a purchase.They are a fraction of the cost . I have a pair and am totally satisified.

how do these run for size - shoe size, or larger ??