chota mukluks

Any good places to buy Chota Mukluks ? Was going to order from REI but they do not have my size.

why dont you try a google search

we dont know where you are and we dont know which mukluk you are seeking. There are several models.

I ordered directly from Chota
There may–or may not be–slight price differences if they’re sold in several places, but since I live so far from any retail stores of this kind, I’ve ordered all sorts of gear online. Whenever possible, directly from the manufacturer, as I did with my Chota Mukluks.

By the way, I do highly recommend them. Mine have lasted for years of heavy usage, and they’re still in great shape.


We finally wore out our Chota Quicklace mukluks after 6 years of hard use. I just recently purchased two new pairs (for myself and my wife) at Piragus/Boundary Waters Catalog online. The price was $99.95 per pair + shipping, which was the best price I found after looking around on the ‘net. The MSRP is $110. as I recall. I like dealing with Piragis and frequently buy from them, so the low price was a bonus. As an ADDED bonus they threw in a really cool 2008 BWCA canoeing calendar – very nice indeed. RK

Here’s the link:,821.htm

the reason I asked the poster to do
a Google Search is that online retailers often do not have the best price. If he is near a store at this time of year there may be closeouts. I paid 30 dollars for mine five years ago by hunting in person and not online (there was less online temptation true). I only use my quicklace mukluks in the winter and spring so they have many years to go.

Size 6 for sale
My wife has a pair in size 6 that she would sell. She didn’t like them, she wanted the NRS Boundry Boots like I had instead. So, of course, I had to buy her a pair.

I may be interested…
My wife may want your size 6 boots. Are they the Chota quicklace style?


I’ll Check
I can’t remember exactly, I’ll look when I get home from work today and let you know.

Try Rutabaga

Got wife a pr there @ great price

same same and they are $25.00

Link ineffectual
Do you have a link that goes to the “Swellies” you mentioned? The link you posted does not.


this is site for MEC. I called them & they will not have the swellies until Feb. or March. I allready have a pair & they are great & much less than Chota. The ones I have I use over drysuit with booties & a bit lg. for my kayak. REI has best price for CHOTA but does not have my size ( 12 ) Thanks for all the suggestions

word over on CCR

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is that MEC is out of adult sized swellies until the spring. if you go to there are a few threads on the Chota and Sewllies

The key when ordering from MEC to the states is that shipping will get you (has been about $20 in the past) so that can make $25 shoes almost twice the price. What I usually do is wait until there is a bunch of stuff I am going to order and see if any friends want something to mitigate the shipping costs.

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Still the wrong link
That’s the “Home” page for MEC – does not show the Swellies. A search at MEC comes up empty. If MEC is selling this product (?) they aren’t making it easy…

Try these folks. Nice people.,4179.htm

MEC Swellies
Ever the bargain hunter (& cheapskate) I liked the price & bought 2 pr of swellies from MEC few yrs back. (Canadian exchange rate was much different then) Recall membership fee added a bit to cost but shp. was “reasonable” @ the time. Wife’s didn’t fit so returned 'em as proper size for exchange unavailable. Instead got her Chota’s, an infinitely better made boot.

Early on my swellies glued on sole broke where it flexed @ ball of foot & soon thereafter neoprene underneath began to leak. I’ll never learn

got them

This is the place I finally got them from.

$59.95 & free shipping. The shipping from MEC to the US is really a lot & they won’t have the swellies til Feb. or March

chota at canoecopia
Chota has been at Rutabaga’s canoecopia every March as far as I can remember. 15 percent discount there.