Chota Water Sandals

I’m considering buying Chota water sandals for warm weather kayaking. I’d appreciate feedback from someone who wears them. I’m especially concerned about whether the leather uppers are comfortable with bare feet. Unfortunately I’m not close to a dealer so I’d have to order them online without trying them on.

Chota’s a good name
I prefer water socks myself, but have heard all good things about the sandals. The only thing I would consider is that in water, you tend to stir up sand. I had trouble with sand getting into the shoes, but a little swish through the water usually takes most of it out. That’s why I like the socks. Nothing gets in them. Other than that, I’ve heard from those who use the sandals that they are quite happy with them. It’s all personal taste and comfort.

I’ve tried the Chotas and actually prefer Tevas over the Chotas. My specific Teva preference is the Alp Sandal (discontinued but pretty close is the Guide Pro).

I actually wear Tevas as my primary footwaer from May - September.

Just my $.03


Consider Chacos
I’ve got a pair of Chaco’s and they’re great – no velcro to wear out or grab hold of things its not supposed to. The straps adjust perfectly with just one buckle. Make sure to get the boating soles and not the hiking ones if that’s your primary use. Also get the ones with the heel straps instead of the slides and you’ll never loose one by accident. I’ve got the Tokays (not available anymore unfortunately) as my foot is pretty wide. Not sure if the existing styles are as accommodating of wide feet. For canoeing I actually prefer my Teva Gamma Pros. Less chance of stubbing my toes on the rocks in the river in those.

Keen H2
I tend to stubb my toes or drop stuff on them. My husband bought me a pair of keen water sandals, I wear them all the time not only in the boats. Fishing or gardening. Even wore them to work once, 8 hours on my feet at Home Depot. Very comfortable. No lacings really to deal with, they dry real fast. Antimicrobial so you don’t end up with smelly feet. Very good grip when climbing on wet rocks so I’m guessing a wet dock or boat is the same

The only drawback I can see so far is you end up with strange looking stripes on your feet if you forget to use sunscreen. :slight_smile: My daughter calls it tiger paws