Chotas, shoveling snow

OK, not paddling, but I wore my new Xmas presents (chota boots) out shoveling snow, just to try them out. I didn’t wear any socks, it was about 5 degrees, and I was out about an hour clearing the deck. My hands got cold, wearing thinsolate gloves, but NOT MY FEET. I LOVE my new boots, my feet were warm, dry, comfortable, I can hardly wait to try them out kayaking in real liquid water. Thank you to everyone who gave feedback when I asked for it.



I got Chota boots for Christmas too! I love them. I wore them once canoeing already in cold Michigan weather.

Same here!
Just got a pair. Walking around in 39 degree water, I was nice and toasty.

feels weird!
for me to walk into the water up to my calves with my chotas and stay warm and dry. oh yeah!

Nothing Else But
for shoveling snow, the last several years with the Chota. Absolutely great for that.

They don’t fit well into the smaller ww and surf boats. So I am back to neo bootie/sock type shoes.


I heard on NPR
that many people have fetishes for rubber rain boots and other strange footwear.

Are these Chotas that good, or are you people " just a little off the beaten path?"

Chotas are so Ooooooo
They are that good. However I do need two pairs of SmartWool socks with my mukluks.

Warm and waterproof
Though I haven’t used my Chotas for shoveling, I’m sure they’d work well for that unless it’s really cold out. (That’s what Sorels with thick liners are for.)

I have worn “Alaska boots” when shoveling snow, and boy did my feet protest immediately even in only moderately cold temps (about 25 deg. F). Even with thick wool-terry socks on. Feet felt like they were entombed in a tube of ice, with only the socks preventing frostbite.

Hey, how many other “fetishes” can you satisfy for less than 150.00 and last more than one night?



Happy feet!
I’ve had my Chotas for over a year now and, next to my drysuit, they are my favorite piece of apparel. It has been between -10 low and 10 high for awhile here and I’ve been warm outside in the snow with only a single pair of smartwool socks and in the water (until it froze over) with the same.

I’ve also worn them to town and gotten numerous compliments on them. Of course, I live in a small, down-to-earth community. :wink:

Chotas are great for paddling in the
cold if you like your feet warm and dry. After the 15" snow in December they were the ticket for shoveling snow, getting to the shop, filling the bird feeders and trudging around the pond. They would have been great for sledding when I was a kid.

Good Boots For Wintertime Chores
Use mine arround the farm all the time for the last 4 years I’ve had them; except the last month since one has been missing! Looks like I may have to get a new pair. WW

Shoveling snow?
I live out in the country. I don’t need to shovel no steeenking snow. Well except if we get two feet on the deck.

Back on the Chota subject. I have hidden mine away for the winter. When I first got them my wife’s first comment was: “Those would be great for working in the barn when winter comes.”

So to avoid them being used to shovel horse shit out of stalls, they are hidden away until next paddling season.

Chotas are the boots I needed 45 yrs ago
These are the boots I needed when I used to walk to the school bus or home from school.

Last winter I wore my Chota’s down behind my dad’s house and actually waded in the Kalamazoo River with them on while the snow fell overhead.

Dry feet, warm feet, what a blessing.

My grandmother bought me some yellow plastic boots that did keep my feet dry. I remember those boots well. They were not warm but they helped.

I don’t know why everyone who lives where it is cold and wet doesn’t invest in a pair!

me too
I shovel snow in mine too. Warm and dry.

Way to go, Vic!
I don’t blame you for hiding the boots. Can you imagine if she used them to shovel ‘road apples’, you put them on to go paddling, then you get into your boat, put the skirt on, and when the feet come out of the boat at the end of the run—EWWWWWWWWWWWW! What is that nasty, nasty smell. Hmmmm—smell like horse s—. HONEY!!! Did you use my boots? LOL

Thanks for the chuckle.

My feet would
sweat if I had used Chotas to shovel all that snow up north. I’d get too hot. Gators and ice cleats worked perfectly and became a part of my everyday wear from October to May.

Nothing but goods words
I Love my chotas. for paddling they rock. and next to the pair of rockys i just retired, they are my favrite boots to date.

First snow today, and based on your suggestion I shoveled wearing my Chotas. I also used hinsulategloves. My hands got cold (and a little numb)but for the first time ever, my feet stayed warm.

Now for a Guinness.