Christinal Lake, BC


I am semi- planning on paddling Christina Lake this summer and it looks gorgeous and very paddler friendly. Looking at Texas Creek to camp, but then paddle across and then to upper end of lake to camp. Has anyone in this group been there, and is it as cool as it looks? I say semi-planning because I’m definitely going to Glacier National Park in July, so that is a priority, but this would be next on my list.

While you’re at GNP…
…make sure you paddle Two Medicine on the east side of the park.

Yes, hope to do that. At this time we’re definitely going to paddle Swiftcurrent/Josephine and then hike up to Grinnell Glacier and lake from there, then back to camp. Time permitting we can do Two Medicine. Planning on coming back in the fall to do Bowman. (And then, there is the currently unanswered question about Christina Lake :slight_smile: Face it, I just want to go everywhere and do everything and want to do it now.