Christmas came early for me

I spoke with Brian from this morning after receiving his email last night. I’ve won the Bell Yellowstone prize package from the latest contest. I can’t seem to come up with an adequate descriptor of how I feel, excited just doesn’t cut it. Rest assured fellow P-netters, you won’t see the boat for sale I’ll be using it on the local waters and hope to take up poling with the new boat. I really wanted a good tandem canoe and this one will certainly fill the bill, woot!

…although I was hoping to win it myself :slight_smile: as I’m not allowed to buy any more canoes this year- that would have been the way to get one more anyway…not that long 'til next year, though.

Have fun with it! You get a good boat.

Ditto!! Congrats
Glad to hear your day was made and even more glad to hear the boat has found a loving home. Hope you post some pics of your new baby on the water! Many Happy Returns of the Day!


Good on Ya!
And thanks to Brent & P-Net and all of the sponsors who make these drawings possible.


Congrats! I’m excited for you.
Even though I already had plans to use in on a New Years Day trip. I hope that you have many years of good trips with that boat.

good for you / glad for you
Thanks for sharing your joy.

Good News
I was wondering when I’d get my e-mail from Brent. If the boat went elsewhere, I’m glad it went to someone who’ll paddle and enjoy it. Have fun with it.

Merry Christmas
Good for you! That ought to be a dandy canoe, enjoy.

I loved the yellowstone solo I had for a while. It was just a tad small for me. When I laid eyes on a yellowstone tandem, and I looked it over for a long time, it looked like just the ticket. If it handles in moving water like its little brother – sweeeet! Bells just have a great feel.

Good for you. Enjoy!!

Didn’t you
Win this before???

First time winner
First win (of anything of this nature) for me. I started a thread in the Paddlers’ Place Forum regarding progress with the canoe and I’ll update as I hear more. So far so good, my thanks go out to P-net and the sponsors.

you have fun…

Bell Yellowstone
Congrats. Bell is a great canoe company and makes some damb fine boats…I have a kevlar Northwind and Love it.