Christmas came today for me

Had my post surgery tests this morning. Doc says my heart tests and sounds perfect. The bruising from the procedure is mostly gone. I knew physically that the valve has been doing it’s job but it was good to hear it from the surgeon. Still have a months rehab but that will be fun.
Now I can get serious about the Stellar S16S, maybe.
Thank you all for the support over these months.
I’m thinking Florida in late March.


Keep up the great progress.:+1::v:

Great news, glad to hear you’re doing well.

The String is stretched
but still it can be tuned,
and the beat goes on near and far.

There are songs yet to play
neath the sun and the moon.
Plenty of music left in that ole guitar.

And as the “Frank” ones always say, “Paddle on!”


That is great news for your wife! She will be so glad to get you out of the House!! :rofl:


Yes we will. I spent a couple of hours sitting in the truck in the sun and ran a couple of errands. After joining my paddling partner for a 2 hour breakfast at CB.


Good to hear!

I got 2 months before I go in for my mitral valve replacement. Met my cardiac surgeon last week. Surgeon told me “Hey, you are a young looking 66 year old!” I said, “Thanks, but it would be a lot better if I didn’t need a valve replacement…”

Unlike in the past, where they put off surgery until signs of heart failure are evident, the new approach is to go in earlier before symptoms and heart damage become more pronounced. Anyway, while not having the same stamina, I am still feeling ok. So, I am going to get in as much paddle surfing in before the operation! (Need some memories and motivation to get through recovery quicker!)



Sing, did we wear ourselves out? During my really active days, my Dad used to say “Boy, you better take it easy. You’ll wear yourself out”.
After rehab, I plan to start again.
The shock of having covid after surgery was I felt old. I had never experienced that.
Stay with it as long as you can.
Until this heart thing my doctors thought I was a fit 76 .

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Great news. If you are near Tampa I would like to get with you and see if I can figure a way to make that Stellar more comfortable for you.

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Craig, I plan to get down there in the spring and I’ll bring the boat if I do. Hopefully, with the fit problem fixed.

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That’s wonderful news, String! Be merry and be well!

You’re welcome to stop by and try Lake Michigan waves; it wasn’t even that windy today but it looked like you might have enjoyed it. I enjoyed it from dry land.


I would have thought the GLs would have started the ice in process already! We have gotten some snow inland/upland but nothing along the coast yet. It’s been relatively balmy so far. We may be getting some local waves this weekend. Will see…


Three cheers for good test results! We will take anyone’s good news hereabouts, and be vicariously grateful…