Christmas Eve fishing report...(pics)

Here are a couple photos from fishing yesterday down in Myrtle Beach. I just took my Kaos out and anchored a few hundred yards offshore and put a line down with some squid on the hooks. Over two days I probably hooked 30+ sharks…almost all of them the same kind (Spiny Dogfish) and almost all of them about 3’ long or so. Fun stuff…

Dawn patrol…pretty darn cold and couldn’t wait for the sun to come up!

One of the typical Spiny Dogfish I was catching. Fun to catch but you have to be careful of those two spines on their dorsal that can easily punch a hole in your drysuit!

Caught a few skate too. Always easy to discern from the sharks or other fish since they “feel” much heavier and usually do tight circles under the boat as you bring em’ up…

Two-fer-one. This happened a couple times where I set the hook just as another shark was grabbing the second hook. Makes for interesting hook removal when you have one thrashing alongside the other. Generally I’ve found it is best to just use a pair of wire cutters and snip the barb off, pull the hook out rather than mess with trying to pull a hook back through. Takes about 5 seconds and stresses the shark (and me!) far less…

Fun stuff…looking forward to getting back down there and doing some trolling for something different…

Merry Christmas all!


Very cool
I’ll probably be going to Myrtle sometime in the coming year. Would love to get some pointers on where to rent paddle gear (I won’t be bringing my own yaks). I will be bringing surf and pier fishing gear, but don’t think that will translate well to kayak fishing down there. May have some questions for you when I have a better idea of timing.

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You could run those baits out with
a kayak.

Hope to buy an inflatable this weekend
I may be bringing my own yak after all.

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I’ve thought of getting one eventually.
What are you looking at in inflatables?

Do you see many pontoon
inflatables on the waters you fish? I’ve read they are great in fast water, not so good for windy lakes.

Winds up won’t be good for me
It will be terrific for my daughter and wife, though. I’m looking at an Innova Safari. Max weight of 220#, and according to the reviews I’ve read that’s an accurate max rating. I’m a “bit” over that right now. I’m trying to lose weight again. Put on about 15 lbs this year after losing a lot of weight a few years ago. My goal is 210#. This boat may be good incentive for me.

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They look like a blast. I want one badly. Would prefer a two man version so that I can shuttle friends or family around on a river. Not much more fun than helping to put other folks onto fish.

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Used to subscribe to a fly fishing forum
out of NC. Those guys really talked them up. That extra height must be great for fly fishing. And, I’ve read they are great for maneuvering in fast water, though I imagine rapids could be a problem. As for me, I’m considering building a row boat.

Nope.pontoons handle

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class 2 and 3 water with ease. I've run mine through some technical class IIs down on the New in Va. I've seen people run class 4 water with the big 24" dia Maxxon tubes. I'm gonna have a set of those one day. They manuver well, you just have to set up early and dig a little harder to move where you need to be. And get use to being a slug on the're not going anywhere in a hurry in them. But for comfort and ease of fishing, they can't be beat.