christmas kayak photo ideas wanted?

I have a few ideas on taking a Christmas/kayak photo, but was looking for input from all of you kayak obsessed folks out there like myself . would love to see past photos or hear of your ideas. I live near Canada and already have snow on the mountains, no snow on the ground yet though.


on the front
you could have a picture standing in a snowbank with kayak on shoulder, wearing a speedo/bikini (whatever’s appropriately inappropriate for your gender). Don’t leave out the extreme cold-weather hat. Have a mistletoe attached from the kayak so that it’s hanging over your head, and of course the words “Merry Christmas”. On the inside of the card, you cut a big hole in the ice, and perform a balance brace, so that you, treading water on the surface, the bottom of your kayak, and the fact that you’re doing this in a hole in the ice, can all be visible in the picture. You have “Happy New Year” written across the top of the card, and “Bottoms Up” written across the bottom of your kayak in the picture. If you can pull off the second picture while still sporting the first picture’s attire, all the better. (kind of like a Penguin Plunge thing)

don’t think thats gonna work
1) have a 17’ yak

2) i don’t even want to see me in a swimsuit

3) once it’s snowing that much the boat is away for the season.

thanks for idea though!

to, in her semi-salacious Santa Suit


-Frank in Miami

Back when there was good stuff on PNET…

How about tying up a nice fresh
fir balsom on the rear deck, and then while paddling in a snow storm have some one take your picture.

If there is no snow storm, just have some one dump some Ivory snow flakes on you.

The caption under it can be “bringing home the tree”



We have battery powered
Xmas lights that we cover ourselves and our kayaks with. Then, we paddle out on to our river, into the snow and take our photos.


I was just discussing this with a friend two days ago, we want to take kayak Christmas card pictures too. I suggested a battery powered wreath on the bow, jingle bells on the release for the skirt, a few christmas balls here and there…and come to think of it I do have a Santa suit…hmmmmm

We do have to wait for some snow though the way the weather has been this year…that might not be too long a wait!


im a canoer
but i think you could put some skis under your yak and tie your dog to the front. put your gear in the yak like it’s full of could don a christmas hat and pretend your driving the dog sled if you want to be in the pic.

totally tacky, but…
…for a Christmas afternoon “polar bear paddle” one year I got six hideous inflatable 2’ reindeer and bungeed them to the bow perimeter lines, 3 per side, and braced a 3’ inflatable snowman with battery powered flashing lighted eyes in the stern hatch. A $2 fur Santa hat and garlands of plastic holly and fake pine twined around all the lines and I was good to go. Looked festive on the red kayak.

Didn’t get a photo of that mess but it was a hit with the group.

great ideas,i’m impressed…
this really got my gears rolling. I’m writing them down so i won’t forget. thanks everyone.wish i was better at photoshop, because reindeer or moose would be way to cool! carry on mates!

Good Old Days!
I remember when this place used to be fun…

xmas cards
The city I live in puts 2 lighted xmas trees in the local lake. I have an old green swifty with a red spray skirt. I wear a red windbreaker and a santa hat every year and park myself next to the trees and have my wife take my picture.

so great - keep 'em coming
love these ideas!