Chrysler van carrier / Thule Hullivator

I seem to have a kayak transportation conundrum when it comes to the car-top carrier. I have the Thule Hullivator kayak carriers for our Wilderness Adventure Ride 11.6 kayaks. We had a Mazda MPV van with a roof-top carrier. Everything worked perfectly. We traded it for a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country van and came to discover that the “Stow n Place” roof rack does not accommodate our Thule system. The Stow n Place side rails fit flush to the roof and does not provide a space to attach the Thule carrier. The Town and Country/Caravan are the largest selling mini-vans on the planet, and I can’t believe I am the only one trying to solve this situation. The two systems seem incompatible. Has anyone encountered this situation and solved it?

We had a trailer built last year, but we live in a condo and need to keep it at our daughter’s house across town. Not convenient for either of us. We would like to bring everything back under one roof again. Any suggestions on how to peel this onion?


Jack Ferrell


Check Thule’s website or a rack dealer

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What you need is the proper mounting bracket for your car, which will then accept some sort of standard cross bar, to which your Hullivator will attach. The racks (cross bars) are very standard, but the base mounts which actually connect to the roof are available in a great variety of specialized configurations, because there are so many different kinds of roofs and factory racks. You need to find the right style of base mount for your car. I'm sure that if you contact Thule or a dealer who's familiar with this stuff, you'll find a very quick solution.