Cilento Coast, Italy paddling

Just got back from a week of paddling along the Cilento Coast, in Campagna, Italy (just south of Naples). Not a trip report, but a few show off photos and and a video

Grotto Azura in Palinura

Different spot, also near Palinura - this time a blue tunnel

Exiting a cave with a middle age watch tower in the distance. The shoreline was dotted with these watch towers on pretty much every point of land, often ore than one per kilometer. the square ones were from 14th-15th century. Sometimes we saw remains of round ones, which were from Roman times (300BC to 100AD).

Me in front of yet another middle age watch tower

Video of a cave with bats


That blue in the first two photos is surreal! Looks like fine weather, too.

Did you eat well when there? :rofl: :grapes: :garlic: :baguette_bread: :fried_shrimp: