Circumnavigating Lake Superior

I was looking for any and all information on the circumnavigation of lake superior. Is there any guides? Anybody ever done it that could provide me with info. etc. etc.

Thanks Brian

kayaking lake superior
Wild Shore: Exploring Lake Superior by Kayak

by Greg Breining Greg circumnavigated the lake by kayak - very interesting read…

There was a speaker at Canoecopia this year that did it the year before, solo. I can’t remember her name and just looked at the website and can’t find it. Anyone happen to see this and remember?

I know two
very amazing women who have circumnavigated the lake, one of them has done it twice.

It is doable, but both of these ladies are really, really good paddlers.

Are you thinking canoe/kayak?

It took both people I know the whole summer to do it.

Cirumnavigate Superior
I am reading a book written by a lady who did the lake in the Summer of 92.

Ann Linnea

Deep Water Passage

ISBN 0-316-52683-5

No comments on the book yet, as I just started, but I will provide something when I am done. It does say it took her 65 days.



I paddled around the lake in 2001 and would be glad to discuss it with you. If I’m going to do it via keyboard I might as well write my own book. If you want to email me direct I will be glad to discuss it via phone or if convenient in person. I can be reached at