Circumnavigating Russia's Lake Baikal

My husband, a friend and I are headed to Russia this summer to circumnavigate Lake Baikal in our kayaks. This is a follow up trip to our 2009 Lake Superior circumnavigation, and the the second step on our way to kayaking the largest freshwater lake on each continent.

We are putting all of our photos, journals, and other updates from the trip on our website and we’d like to spread the word to anyone who’s interested in following along. Also, we’re working on putting together a film about the trip - if you’re interested in learning more - check out

If you know any paddlers in the Lake Baikal region or have paddled in Siberia, we’d love to hear about it. We’re getting all psyched up to leave in June and want to hear from other paddlers!

Sounds like an awesome trip, post lots of pics.

I.assume you’ve been in contact with brandon and heather nelson who were the first to circumnavigate bikal back in 2003 or 2. They

Have a lot of information.

Have fun