Cirocco vs Calypso

Im 174cm (5´8,4") and 73kg (161lb) and I wonder if Current Design Sirocco is too big for me.(?) Im also considering North Shore calypso. I can buy sirocco used and calypso new so there`s also a money-issue here. Any comments about my size for -or general about (differences)- these kajaks? Is plastic preferable in surfing?

my 2c
I am 5’9’’, 150lb, Scirocco felt way too big for me.

I found VCP Avocet RM to fit my requirements better.

Other boats I looked at: PH Capella 163, WS Tempest 165.

I have paddled the caylpso and it is a wonderful boat in rough water, manuverable, and stable. The only problem I have with it is the low fore deck, it hurts my legs because of the positoion it puts them in. I have never paddled the Siricco but size wise it is a bit smaller than my Orion and similar in hull design, should be a nice boat.

I’m 5-10, 175-180lbs, and own a Sirocco. Nice boat, but I can tell the difference between paddling unloaded and adding some weight. If you plan on carrying gear, it’s a winner. Otherwise for general tooling around, you might want something with a bit lower of a profile. More boat in the water will help it track better. The upswept bow and stern of this boat is good for handling choppy conditions, but not as well suited for a light weight paddler in calm conditions. You could own this boat and enjoy it, so it’s not like it won’t work for you. But I think the ideal paddler weight for this boat would be around 200lbs.