Civil War Era Naval Boarding Spike???

Anyone know where I can get a replica of a civil war era naval boarding spike?

Nope, but I do know…
… of a used Tsunami X-2 in Santa Cruz if you’re looking for a tandem SOT…

Ok I have to ask, is this how you plan on getting your NEXT boat?

Kathy wants me to buy a tandem kayak, but I want to get a canoe.

And don’t tell Jim!

My Pirate Days Are Long Since Gone!
I saw one at a gun show and it was cool, but I didn’t buy it.

get Both in ONE boat
Pamlico 160, aka the plastic Kruger!!

Who Makes the Pamlico?


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Wilderness Systems.

The 160 is actually a little wider than a Kruger - I think its 33". The old town loon 160t is narrower but it doesn't paddle as well.

The 145 (which I own and have called my mini seawind :) - took out the sliding phase threes and installed a canoe style seat to use a canoe or kayak paddle) is 27" wide and can accomodate 2 smaller adults (under 375 lbs total) pretty good or 1 adult and a kid great. It's not a speed demon but it's no slouch either - right there with a pungo 140 or most flatwater canoes in the 15' range.

Also the phase 3 seats add a decent amount to the boat. When I sold mine the shipping weight for both was around 17 lbs.

Sure. here is the URL
If you mean a spiked axe.

Thanks, But
A naval boarding spike is about 4’ long, It has a wooden shaft about 4" in diameter at the middle with a long sharp brass point on one end with a brass butt on the other.

Pamlicos come in a hard body
also, but every kayaker needs a canoe.

Are you sure they were brass??
Not forged iron??

Good luck on your search.

Yep. Brass
I should have bought the one I saw. It would look great over the fireplace.

Yikes! Pierced Lady’s Tomahawk!
“Our Lady’s Hawk, has long been a popular item among the ladies and the children, as well as an ideal belt axe for the gentleman.”

Is that as in, “Here wives and kids, take her for a spin and see if you can belt the ole man”?

And for the discriminating “pierced” lady at that!

So Gil Scott-Heron sang it from the wrong approach when he was “Waiting For the Axe To Fall”, and it should have gone like:

Waiting for the axe to whirl,

cause somehow you insulted that sultry girl,

and the piercing cleavage you receive

smacks not of ringing endorsements you perceived.

Yeah, your waiting for the axe to whirl.

So boys, be on your best behavior, cuz there’s a whole new generation of Lizzy Bordens out there!

“Gee Mrs. Cleaver, that’s a lovely naval piercing you’re wearing.”

Ebay has a real one.
There is a real one on Ebay but it’s expensive!

WOW! Real Close!
That is from the revoltionary war and war of 1812. It is real close to what I was thinking of.

But I was thinking replica. $800 is too rich for my blood!

“Pike” vs. "spike"
Might help your search.

Brass one should be more of a decorative version - maybe a reproduction? Real deal should be forged - like that rather lethal looking one in the ebay link.

You can get reproduction forged heads here:

Making one might be the easiest, cheapest way to go.

They make a neat display item
If you’re into that sort of thing, they make a neat display item. I have 2 original, Civil War era, hand forged pikes. An old landlord gave them to me as a going away present. Have done some research on them; they have been verified as the real deal, but have no maker’s mark, and therefire the source of production is unknown.

I have always been interested in reading Civil war history; especially after I found out that my great-great-grandfather served in the Tennesee Cavalry.


hey bob
read A confederate (or rebel) in the Attic , don’t remember the author but ya ought to be able to find it easy enough , came out bout 5 yr. ago , good accounts from the common soldier . ---------M