CJ SOLO canoe

Hi, P-betters. Please tell me about your experience or knowledge of the CJ Solo canoe. Especially.: How does it track with a 150-170 pound paddler without gear. How stable is it with a 200-250 pound paddler without gear? For comparison reference the Wildfire, Mad River Traveler , Slipper, Compatriot, or Mohawk solo 13 if you have experience with any of those. Thanks.

CJ solo link
a go straight boat for larger paddlers. Kind of the pickup truck of the canoe world


Just what I needed.

Assuming you have experience
with the hulls you listed,…not as manesuverable as wildfire or mohawk, more like the slipper with much more volume and a bit flatter bottom. Turns will be easier when heeled away from direction of turn. Stable platform for relaxed comfortable paddling. Solid info from previous posts.