clapotis, claposis????

ok I have heard this term used referring to waves that come together (haystack ?) anyway, two waves converging into one another making a peak.

Went through these at Sea kayak Georgia last October and have heard it called clapotis but I can’t find the word in the dictionary.

any help?


look it up in French
faitre des clapotis = splash

google - and ignore knitting references

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when a reflected wave is in synch with another oncoming wave they join and the height of the single wave is much greater than either of the two waves comprising...see links below.

in regards skg...possible. the waves would break down opposite sides of a sand bar or obstruction and then wrap around and meet again behind the me, it looks almost like a zipper as the waves meet behind and then make one bigger wave....and that's EXACTLY where i like to be...right there where they meet!

clapotis—A French term for a standing wave phenomenon associated with the reflection of an ocean wave train from a vertical surface, such as a breakwater or pier.

A standing wave is a periodic vertical motion of the sea surface that does not propagate horizontally. It can be thought of as being created by the superposition of two identical waves propagating in opposite directions.

The other common term is: "Haystacks"
Totally different from the standing waves found in moving water.

These are more like pyramid shaped waves that pop up and down in an area rather than transiting though like normal waves. Sort of like moguls in skiing, but more numerous, active, and ever changing. Usually mixed in with other waves and wakes to make things really interesting.

Best way to deal with them is typically to ignore them as much as possible (hard if they have significant size/energy), sit tall, stay loose, and let the hull deal with it. Also helps to KEEP MOVING! Lily dipping or sitting can really suck unless you enjoy practicing a wide variety of strong bracing strokes in rapid succession.

I like clapotis
early in the season and when testing new equipment or just for fun. Hanging out in unpredictable lumpy water is a very nice way to build confidence and feel, and a great way to warm up before surfing.

I’ve seen it as "clapitos"
Sounds like a Taco Bell invention!

The book, The Golden Spruce, is otherwise a terrific read about a part of PacNW history and culture. Made me feel like I was back in those damp, dark, cool, forests of giant trees and rotting deadfall.

Clapotis v. Haystacks
My undertanding is that clapotis results when a wave’s energy rebounds from a cliffy shoreline and collides with the incoming waves.

A haystack is a series of standing waves by current (e.g., incoming tide v. outgoing river).

Clapotis v. Haystacks
That is my understanding as well.

c;lapotis may occur
other than at cliffs. Points are notorious as well as ends of islands, any where where you may have waves meeting that originate in different directions. It can be more than two directions.

And that gets real interesting.If two waves meet at their high points the resulting wave can be quite a bit higher than the others around it.

Have yakked in LI Sound where this happened; two six footers met at the end of a reef and yow; an eleven footer.

I asked for a pronunciation key
some months ago, and was advised that the Fraansh pronunciation is “clap-uh-tay”.


(in Fraansh, Zheem)

in Seattle
Montlake cut

I think you use Penicillin or a Z-Pak or something like that.

vive le france…which i am pretty sure means i am a cheese eating chicken and i surrender?

I would pronounce it

but that’s just because I’ve heard it pronounced that way in French. It took me a YEAR to come around to pronouncing Beaufort “Byew-furt”!

not so fast
I think hutchinson says clapotis and haystacks are the same.

Like a good englishman he prefers “haystacks”.

Me too. Well that’s three of us…
It’s a man-law.

Can’t apply man law to French terms! L

Oops L