Clarion river trip

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Hi all,
I'm planning family kayaking trip on Clarion river (PA) starting from Rigway to Mill creek launch point. Just would like to confirm, is it safe to leave a car at Mill creek parking overnight for 3-4 days? Or should we ask for pick up shuttle? If so, is it cell phone service available at that point? Also, it looks that that the distance (little over 50 miles) should be enough for 3-4 days trip? And any advice about good camping places is appreciated ;)

call local$ for parking
I don’t know but use Google Images

There are several Clarion outfitters and
they should be able to provide shuttle, car security, and information about possible camp locations. I googled Clarion River Canoeing Outfitters.

Probably availability and location of campsites would influence how many paddling days you can squeeze out of 50 miles. Hope you have “good” water conditions. We paddled a Cook Forest section back in '73, and water level in September was just enough.