Clarion River, Western PA

I am planning a Mid-May multi-day trip down the Clarion River in Western PA from Ridgway to Parker (the confluence of the Clarion with the Alleghany)- a total of about 94 miles.

I think I have all the maps, imagery, paddling guide information one person can possibly drown in. If you have had experience in paddling and camping on this I would appreciate hearing your experiences.

I remember it like it was yesterday…
May, 1968. Senior year in highschool…Whitewater club…river was smelly due to the upstream paper mill…which I believe has been cleaned up now.

Actually, my memories are fond, but fuzzy! Hope you have a great time.


of little or no help

Clarion River
Paddled from Portland Mills to Clear Creek State Park last May and again in June. Late start so we camped in the National Forest just above XYZ Rapids the first night. Easy paddle to Clear Creek State Park the next day. This could have easily have been done in one day. You could do Rideway to Clear Creek but it would be a long day.

In '73 the WW seemed daunting.
Soon we realized it was piddling. We were wasting backferries on stuff we could just motor through. But I guess it was good practice. Very pretty river, would be glad to do it again.