I have a math question and defer to the wisdom and wizards of the group.

Finish Gel Coat in a 16 oz can/ hardner in a .25 oz tube.

There are 450 drops in an oz so I divide that number by 4 to get how many drops it takes for the entire can. 112.5 drops/16 oz.

I want to make an ounce so I divide 112.5 by 16 which gives me 7.04 drops.

Does this sound right?

It’s wrong or you left out some info.

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What's the ratio of liquid gelcoat to hardener? Does the full 16-ounce can get treated with 0.25 ounces of hardener? If not, what is the mixing ratio? As it is, it appears that something is very wrong, but maybe there's something else that a person needs to know before checking your math.

Honestly, now that I read your post again, I have no clue what it is you are trying to say. I can't even tell if you are counting drops of hardener or gel coat. Sorry.

Maybe there is

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600 drops per ounce.

9.38 drops hardner to 1 oz resin or gel coat

It's west marine finish gel coat.

.25 fl oz hardner/16 oz gel coat used 13 drops, and it will be colder than 77 degrees

My Gelcoat says…
10 drops/oz. @ 77 degrees. More for colder and less for warmer… not to exceed 15 drops/oz.

Okay, in that case…

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One ounce of gel coat is 1/16th of the can.

To maintain the proper ratio, you need to add 1/16th of the tube of hardener.

If there are 450 drops per ounce (and I don't know if that's right. It probably depends on the viscosity of the material being "dripped"), you'd measure out 450 drops of gel coat and add 7 drops of hardener. I think that may be what you originally said, though I didn't understand what you were saying at the time. Looks like you were correct (assuming there are 450 drops of material per ounce).

If there are 600 drops of material per ounce, the ratio comes out pretty close to the 10 drops of hardener per ounce.

love the Cheech & Chong ref.

love the Cheech & Chong ref.

Over analyzing due to the fear factor.

I will go with 13 drops to an ounce and if it doesn’t work, I start over

Actually you will do better to use too
little hardener than too much. Too little will mean it will take longer to cure, but too much will make your result more brittle and more prone to cracking and chipping. Although 7 drops per ounce does seem a bit low to me. You might want to just mix it and let it cure without applying it to anything to see how it does.

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PE Gel and MEKP
At 70 dg you want 1.5% MEKP, which is 7.5cc/lb gel.

small repairs comes to 1cc/ 2 oz gel.

At 80 dg drop that to 1.25% MEKP; 6cc/ lb gel.

It is way better to have exact gel weight w/ digital scale and exact measurement of MEKP by syringe or


The drop thing is pretty tenuous, but MiniCraft of Florida has a chart you can download.

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