Class I & II

Anyone care to recommend a book or DVD (preferred) on canoeing I & II waters in a canoe? I have an Old Town Osprey 14 row. Do a lot of fishing till now.



If you haven’t done it already, try this

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Paddle upstream, play below rapids, try to paddle through rapids, ferry, find eddies and play in them, ferry backwards, study the current, learn how it works, learn how it works on your canoe, paddle upstream some more.

If you do that, you'll learn a lot. Plus, the books will make a lot more sense to you.

Path of The Paddle

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Bill Masons Path of The Paddle Whitewater series is as good as anything for doing easy rapids in your boat. It covers river features and manuvers pretty well.
The Flatwater series covers paddle strokes and is worth a look.
If you look here or on the Discusion board there is a thread about the films being available on DVD.
Keep in mind that these are 25 (?) years old and a lot of ground has been broken since then but most of the other video that I know of is specific to whitewater playboat technique and not really appropriate to your boat.
There is a book by the same name but I've never looked at it.
The Thrill of The Paddle by Paul Mason and Mark Schriver is a good book. While it is mainly geared to modern playboats it does spend some time on paddling tripping style boats which might be appropriate for your boat.
Have fun. Be safe and
Paddle Hard!

Path of the Paddle DVD is very good. Becky Mason also has some good videos.

Here is a URL for Path of the Paddle.

you can find Becky’s stuff here

Books–“Paddle Your Own Canoe” by the McGuffins is well written, as is the Path of the Paddle book.

Kent Ford …
Drill Time

Playboating I

Both available on DVD.

Instructors include Kent Ford, Bob Foote, Karen Knight & Wayne Dickert. Might as well learn from the best.


Another DVD to order–man, it never ends :slight_smile:

Solo Playboating and Drill Time
These both pretty much cover the same ground. I guess I like Drilltime a little better.

They are great resources for those who want to paddle a dedicated whitewater boat but I don’t think they would be of much use to the original poster in his Old Town Osprey.

Paddle Hard


Thanks to All

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Just ordered Path of the Paddle. also checked out Becky Mason's site & bookmarked. Looks like it's gonna be fun!

Thanks Again,

Makes a lot of sense. Great way to learn without getting into much trouble :slight_smile: