classic style question about a wet suit

I am looking at wet suits right now. it is the next little step, not exactly a “gear phase” but just looking for one that could be good for me. I am in no need of one, so I can just look for fun. I would like either a nice simple, functional short suit…or (what I ReAlLy want) is that wet suit vest that Burt Reynolds has on in Deliverance.

So my question is how should I pick a generic wet suit, or where can I find that sweet vest one.

NRS has most of the things you will need/want. Good people to deal with.

NRS, Outdoorplay
We have bought all of our wetsuits from NRS. They tend to have the best selction and make very good ones.

Outdoorplay also usually has good selection.

just like the subject line…thanks.

style? STYLE?!?!
Way back in the olden days, when I first bought a wet suit, there was only black. and the newest thing was putting stretch nylon (on the inside only) to facilitate putting the suit on. Back then, “style” in regard to cold water sports hadn’t been invented. And I won’t elaborate on how back then, men were made of steel and ships of wood, and…oh, never mind…


No Wonder!!!
I couldn’t figure what kind of wet suit you were wearing… Now, I realize that it’s something from 30 plus years ago and the company no longer exists! :smiley:


Call NRS On The Phone
The folks at NRS are helpful, knowledgeable and patient. I would suggest calling instead of ordering on line. The employees are actually required to attend outdoor training classes.


Hey, Sing, I got a few years on you, I started in cold water activities 40 years ago, and the wet suits then were all black, nylon one side (the inner side). Then the next big thing was what they called “nylon two” which added an outside layer of nylon for durability. If you go back before my time, there was NO nylon, and it was a real challenge donning a wet suit without tearing it…had to use talcum powder. Before the “nylon two”, Parkway made what it called “sharkskin”, which was nylon inside, and a rough-textured neoprene on the outside.


lack of style and comfort…hummm
Well Burt’s was black. I like it. I am in no need or rush. I may just order neoprene and sew up a custom fit vest. I am not a man-of-steel, I break gender rolls…I can sew, and i have a plastic boat I bought…at a store. I didn’t break out an Adz and carve out a canoe, or kill a dozen seals to make my boat.

I am sure that later in my life, though, I will be squaking at the youngsters about how all we had were plastic boats, and rec kayaks were new, and we had to buy and install the carriers on our cars, it was not an option package.

Thanks for the posts!!


And Before That…
Before they put the nylon on the inside, guys used vasoline to help get the wetsuit on. Which also provided some extra protection from cold, but not all of it would wash out. Yuck!

Before wetsuits were invented, long idstance swimmers covered themselves in axle grease to swim cross the English Channel.

Of, course I only know these things from extensive reading…

check out Costco
I picked up a shorty (with red trim) last year for 29 bucks on sale (regular $39).