"Classified Ads" on Pnet.....

500 miles with the current price of gas
…I’d have been foaming at the mouth. You might get your money back but not travel costs…sounds like this lady is an irresponsible seller who should be barred from ebay. I doubt that sort of thing happens with pnet ads…its all been good for me; buying & selling.

I’m sure this is the sister ad…
…to one I just got from S. Africa(Nigeria, I bet), offering me an opporunity to make $4 million. I can hardly wait!

There was a post not long ago by
someone with a bad experience with a P-net advertiser. No matter where a used product is listed, you always take a chance. P-net just has a bit better group of folk who usually know what they’re selling or buying. As for recovering travel costs after the Ebay experience, in some jurisdictions, that can be done.

Glad to hear…
that pnet ads are the way to go… waiting for a used Souris River Quetico 18.5. Not many used SRs out there unless from an outfitters fleet. I am patient!!