claying the gelcoat

Once a year I clay then wax my car. The claying is easy to do and makes the car’s surface exceedingly smooth. Does anyone do this to their boat’s gelcoat?

Just rinse it off once in awhile and apply a little 303.

When I bought my truck, I clayed it before the first waxing, because there were some fine particles seemingly embedded on top of the cab. Maybe that happened during transport to the dealership, or maybe it was overspray at the factory from something. Whatever…the particles didn’t come out with normal cleaning. Claying got most of it out.

After that, I didn’t need to do more than “spot claying” for a couple more times.

Does your boat have particles stuck in the gel coat from being rooftopped or trailered? I can’t imagine anything in the water that would have the same effect as air-blasted grit fired at a car on Interstate roads.

We all do it, while we make up trip

Best protection
The BEST protection for a gelcoated kayak is Klasse its an Acrylic sealant. Havent used wax on my cars since 2000.As far as clay I guess it would depend on what kind of shape the gelcoat is currently in.They do sell a version of an Acrylic sealer sold to power boaters but not sure the name of it. Klasse works on cars as well as gelcoated boats. NOT for poly kayaks.