CLC Mill Creek 16.5

I’m considering a Mill Creek 16.5 as a “family boat” for easy outings.

Pretty soon my 3 years old daughter will be able to swim (at least I hope so) and I would love to start taking her with me.

I also have a well behaved german shepperd that could sit in front of me in that boat.

Building this kit looks fairly easy, who has some experience with this kayak?

Sounds like fun…
Although you might find some responses here…I am sure you will responses on

That forum along with the CLC Forum will be a great place to get suggestions/support in your building the Mill Creek. Building my Night Heron and now my SOF has been incredible.



good choice
for total paddler weight under 350lbs, not big enough for two 200lb adults but otherwise a perfect rec. double. Think of it as between a Pamlico 145 and 160 in volume. I reglassed the original one which was underbuilt with an unglassed 3mm deck to provide the lowest advertised weight.

I’d glass the bottom interior panel for durability. Instead of deck hatches put in the largest beckson hatches in the bulkheads. Unless you HAVE to have through deck access it’ll simplify the construction and be lighter than the above deck hatches or attempting flush hatches (especially on the front).

You might consider

Beckson hatches
Beckson hatches in the bulkheads already part of the plan. I see no needs for complicated, heavier, leaky hatches on deck unless the boat has to be used for camping (not my case).

stock ones

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I think they're pretty small,,there are some press-in/pop-out Becksons that are around 8"-10" that you can configure closing swivels on the screw holes.

the 8" one, put a pull tab on it with swivel levers around the sides to hold it closed.

T H marine hatches.
I used these in the bulkheads of two boats. These are the lightest AND happened to be the cheapest I could find. These have worked well for me. I found them at Boat US.